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New York Dem lawmaker caught in traffic stop meltdown just got exactly what she deserved

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At least one liberal New York legislator learned that actions have consequences — especially when your unhinged actions wind up all over social media.

Ulster County legislator Jennifer Berky rose to unwanted fame when police surveillance video showed her having an epic meltdown over a simple speeding ticket. And what happens when the video is shared by millions? You lose your seat — to Republican no less!

“Please don’t give me a ticket. I’m broke, completely broke,” Berky wailed in the footage that was released in October.

Berky displayed her own variation of the five stages of grief during the traffic stop: denial, confusion, anguish, victimhood and anger.

Officer Gary Short displayed impressive patience with Berky has he tried to calm her during a tirade of excuses.

“Please don’t give me a ticket. I’m broke, completely broke,” she pleaded. “I’m a single mom … Why would you pull me over, instead of someone else?”

At one point (about 8:55 in the video below) you can hear Short in his car mumble to himself, “Jesus.” It was then, that Berky exits her car and starts to hyperventilate.

“I’m sorry, I’m having a panic attack! I, I, I…” she says before trailing off and dramatically gasping for breath.

The camera continued to roll throughout the uncomfortable scene that lasted nearly 30 minutes. Berky told Short she was suffering from PTSD, and when that didn’t work, blamed the officer for singling her out amongst all the other speeders.

After the embarrassing video went viral, Berky attempted to rectify the situation with a statement calling her own actions “unacceptable.”

But it was too little, too late.

Republican Brian Woltman swooped in and won her seat in Tuesday’s election for Ulster County Legislator, the Daily Freeman reported.

One can only imagine how Berky took the news.

You can watch the Berky’s speeding ticket tirade below:

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