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Watch this emasculated guy cry helplessly while Mr. Right Now scoops up his ‘feminist’ girlfriend before his very eyes

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A man who accused his girlfriend of doing “feminist s**t” watched in tears as a secret video caught her flirting with another guy.

The young woman was set up as part of the YouTube show, “To Catch A Cheater,” as her boyfriend explained how she “started to do all this feminist s**t” like cutting her hair and not shaving anymore, which he had an “issue” with.

He revealed to host Luis Mercado that he was planning to propose to his “soulmate” despite all the changes.

(Images: screengrab YouTube/To Catch A Cheater)

He then watched in unfolding horror as video showed the so-called feminist being swept off her feet by a hunky guy who was a total stranger moments before meeting her outside having coffee.

The man approached her, chatted, flirted and eventually asked her for her phone number – which she gladly gave him, never once batting a feminist eyelash.

This was after she told him she did not really have a boyfriend.

“I do but it’s an open relationship,” she said as the two continued to giggle and discuss how “aggressive” and “strong” the stranger was.

The boyfriend, meanwhile, had now broken down in tears of disbelief.

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“Dude, you gotta man up a little bit,” Mercado told the boyfriend back at the house where he has been watching the footage.

“She’s like a totally different person,” he responded while the show’s host asked if it was fair to judge since the man who interacted with her was “a good looking dude” after all.

Apparently the girlfriend’s “feminist” side was not compatible with what her boyfriend was watching and he vowed to confront her with the video, which he did when he brought her to the host’s home.

Mercado wished the couple a happy two year anniversary before launching the video, which instantly left the girlfriend speechless and unmoved.

(Images: screengrab YouTube/To Catch A Cheater)

But the poor, sensitive boyfriend was in for a surprise as the footage ended and his “soulmate” slapped him across his face, storming out of the house in a barrage of expletives.

The remaining seconds of the encounter were filled with “a lot of cursing” and the shattered boyfriend holding an ice cream container against his throbbing cheek.

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