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Libs want his head, but scolded officer gets plenty of backup for wearing Kaepernick Halloween costume

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Leftists are having a meltdown after a University of Nevada police officer dressed as Colin Kaepernick for Halloween.

And an apology from the police chief has apparently not satisfied their offended hearts.

Officer Antonio Gutierrez, from Kaepernick’s alma mater, dressed as the former San Franciso 49ers quarterback and the photo was all over social media as liberals cried for his head. Gutierrez sported a homemade Kaepernick jersey, an afro, fake nose and a sign declaring “will stand for food.”

Obviously a jab at the former NFL quarterback who has been out of work since his national anthem protest last year against  alleged oppression of racial minorities, Gutierrez’s Halloween party costume sparked demands for an apology and cries of racism, though it is not clear what was racist in the attire.

The Chief of the University of Nevada, Reno Police Department swiftly issued an apology on behalf of Officer Gutierrez, calling the Halloween costume “insensitive.”

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“For those who have seen the Halloween costume of one of our officers apparently mocking a citizen who has chosen to take advantage of his constitutional right to protest, I offer my sincere apologies,” Chief Adam Garcia said, according to TMZ Sports.

“Members of our profession are held to a higher standard and denigrating another — on or off duty — is insensitive for its lack of respect and lack of understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted,” Garcia wrote.

Critics condemned the “lame apology” and demanded more.

But there has been no further action against the police officer and his costume choice for a Halloween party.

“We have no policy that would dictate any disciplinary action,” TMZ was told when asked if Gutierrez would be punished.

Wonder what would have happened to an officer wearing a Donald Trump costume.

Twitter users raked the sensitive liberals over the coals for their “mock outrage” and demands to squelch the officer’s free speech. They also gave Gutierrez a virtual round of applause.

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