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Giddy over indictments, ‘The View’ divas hiss like cats when Meghan McCain kills their buzz

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The hosts of “The View” were almost as giddy on Monday as they were on Nov 7 when they thought Hillary Clinton was going to be president, until Meghan McCain hit them with some truth bombs.

Whoopi Goldberg started Monday’s show so happy that she was laughing as she announced that the former head of President Donald Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort had been indicted.

And her joy was shared by co hosts Joy Behar, Sarah Haines and Sunny Hostin.

But it was McCain, the show’s newest addition, who had a pitcher of cold water that she poured on their party.

“You know what’s also a fact is that it came out last week that the DNC and Hillary Clinton has ties through this Fusion GPS oppo research group and they also paid money to get this Russian dossier,” she said.

McCain also reprimanded her co hosts, and others, for their giddiness.

“The humor and levity surrounding it on both sides,” she said before a screaming Hostin interrupted her.

“No, no, no, let’s not talk about ‘both sides,’” she said.

“Hillary Clinton is not the president and Hillary Clinton wasn’t just indicted!” Hostin yelled.

McCain fired back that she was “trying to give you guys insight because I actually know a lot about Paul Manafort,” before a temper tantrum having Hostin interrupted again.

“We don’t need insight into Hillary Clinton,” Hostin said in the same bullying manner that used to stop Jedediah Bila in her tracks, but had no effect on McCain.

“OK, you don’t need any insight from me,” McCain mocked.

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McCain went on to mock Democrats faux outrage over Russia.

“President Obama told Mitt Romney that it was a 1980s foreign policy in the 2012 debate,” she said before the rude Hostin interrupted again.

“President Obama wasn’t indicted today!” she shouted.

“The Democrats didn’t take this seriously!” McCain fired right back.

“It’s intellectually dishonest to say that the Democrats always cared about Russia,” she said. “President Obama did not take it seriously.”

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