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CNN host thought it’d be great to ambush Kellyanne Conway, until she destroys her with one line

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Things got heated on Friday when Kellyanne Conway went toe-to-toe with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota over the infamous “Russian dossier” on President Donald Trump.

Camerota asked Conway if she was OK with the news that Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix emailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to ask for help in obtaining the emails deleted from Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

The revelation came at a conveniently good time for Clinton, as it has been revealed that her campaign helped to finance the research into the dossier on President Trump.

“Any of that was completely unnecessary, for a very simple reason. We beat Hillary Clinton fairly and squarely,” the counselor to the president said.

“They didn’t have a connection to WikiLeaks,” the counselor to the president responded.

“They reached out to help with the data,” the “New Day” host shot back.

“No, not to help with the data,” Conway said. “It was something about releasing the e-mails. I was the campaign manager and I couldn’t be bothered with that.”

But Camerota would not let it go and continued with her barrage of questions, frustrating Conway.

“I have already told you it’s completely unnecessary because we beat her on the issues and continue to,” Conway snapped back.

“I do want to say something else,” Conway said. “People are now writing about our discussion, and earlier in your broadcast, two commentators mentioned, ‘Oh, we just like to talk about Hillary,’” Conway said. “You’re still talking about Hillary! I’ll make you a deal — I’ll never say a word [about Hillary] again.”

And then Conway went off on CNN’s bias towards Clinton.

“She was the loser, so you have to keep talking about her,” she said. “You treat her book like it is not fiction. She gets a platform on CNN plenty. And you have people from her campaign on your network for the last year to sit there and never admit they paid millions of dollars for this phony dossier.”

Camerota quickly made a deal with Conway to not mention Clinton for the rest of the interview.

Which is much simpler than answering Conway’s charges. Watch their fiery exchange below:

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