Amazon’s hot new idea: Let strangers into your home when you’re not around

Would you let stranger into your home in order to not miss a package?

Amazon is banking on the idea that you will with its new Amazon Key service.

The retail giant is launching the service on Nov. 8 for members of its Prime service but it won’t be cheap.

In order to allow Amazon’s drivers into your home to deliver packages when you aren’t there you need a kit that starts at $249.99.

The kit includes the items needed to use the service. Namely a security camera, Cloud Cam and a smart lock.

The feature will not only be for Amazon deliveries either. According to the company it can be used to allow family or friends into your home, as well as house cleaners, dog walkers or anyone else you would like to allow to traverse your residence while you aren’t home, according to CNN.

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Amazon drivers would be given a one time access code to enter your home and deliver packages.

But social media users do not seem to be too eager to give it a shot.

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