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Now we know what caused the nasty breakup with Kathy Griffin and her attorney; Lisa Bloom just fired back

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Comedian Kathy Griffin has taken aim at her former attorney Lisa Bloom and Bloom has fired back in a, now public, feud.

“Dear @LisaBloom pls stop calling me. If you’d like to refund me the tens of thousands of $$ I wasted on your services maybe I’ll talk to you,” she wrote on Twitter.

Bloom represented Griffin after her infamous stunt where she held a mock severed head of President Donald Trump during a photoshoot.

Bloom shot back at her former client on Twitter for going off of her pre crafted notes at her press conference, where she inexplicably claimed that she was being picked on because she is a woman.

“Kathy Griffin reached out to me after her Trump mask photo posted a few months ago and a few days later I had a press conference with her,” Bloom said in a statement she tweeted. “Her entire team (entertainment lawyer, criminal lawyer, and several others) approved in advance the statements she and I were going to make. Yet Kathy then during the press conference spontaneously chose to put aside the notes we had worked so hard on together. She said on camera “my notes are by the wayside and it’s all off the cuff” and then ad libbed. I was sorry she made that choice but I respected her right to speak as she saw fit. She was, as she always says, then widely panned for her comments. Now she blames me. She’s the only client I’ve ever had who chose to extemporize at a press conference rather than read from notes we prepared in advance.

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“I got a lot of death and rape threats afterward and still do. I know Kathy has as well and I’m sure it’s unnerving,” she wrote.

Bloom went on to call herself “a lifetime women’s right attorney,” despite her representing Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein for a short time after he was outed, and said that “women should stand together.”

The attorney also questioned why Griffin was going after her and not any other the male attorneys who represented her.

Griffin has not yet responded to Bloom’s statement.

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