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Filmmakers take on degradation of culture in Sean Hannity produced movie ‘Let There be Light’

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DCNFJoshua Gill, DCNF

Filmmaking couple Kevin and Sam Sorbo are releasing a new movie this month, ‘Let There Be Light,’ in an effort to reform American culture through Christian entertainment.

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“This is a movie that offers hope, it offers light – from the title – it offers redemption,” Kevin told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview. “There’s something in this movie that will touch everybody, man woman and child – there’s something in there that will move them in some way or (they’ll) say ‘I can relate to that.’”

‘Let There Be Light’ centers around a prominent atheist’s journey to wrestle with questions about the existence of the divine after a near death experience makes him question everything he thought he knew about life and death and the grief of losing a loved one.

Kevin and Sam, who co-produced and co-star in the movie, explain the need to shape American virtue through film productions.

“The film gives hope,” Sam told TheDCNF. “But the important part of the film to me is that it looks at death. And as a culture, we don’t look at death, we don’t look at what happens later. We’re very much the ‘Me! Me! Me! Now! Now! Now!’ generation. And I think it’s important. Right? I think it’s important to look at long-term. Where are we going? What are we doing here? What’s the purpose?”


In light of the cultural degradation exemplified by sexual allegations made against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, the film comes out at a great time.

“What’s fascinating is right now we are seeing the underbelly of Hollywood. I mean, we are seeing the dregs of the dregs. The truth is coming out and it’s not pretty at all,” Sam told TheDCNF. “And at the same time our movie’s coming out and our movie was produced, seriously, outside of Hollywood, by a completely independent producer who just wanted to make good quality family friendly films. And the juxtaposition is just so fascinating to me.”

“So I’m hoping that people will go to the theater and vote basically with their pocket books and with their feet and say ‘These are the kinds of films that we want to see – faith-based, good morals, good principles, uplifting, hope-filled,’” she added.

Fox News host Sean Hannity, the film’s executive producer, and prominent screenwriter Dan Gordon teamed up with the Sorbos to make the film.

Kevin, best known for his role in the live-action television series ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,’ also starred in faith-based films ‘Soul Surfer’ and ‘God’s Not Dead.’ He and Sam, who wrote the original draft of the ‘Let There Be Light’ screenplay, stated they would continue to answer the perceived need for Christian films as a way to shape culture outside of the political process.

The movie hits theaters Oct. 27 and is available for group screenings upon request by pastors and church leaders via the movie’s website.

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