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Add NBA to list of tarnished sports leagues: Cleveland Cavs again prove pro athletes don’t get it

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Granted, the NBA began its season with far fewer “protest” shenanigans than the NFL did in September, but if any team was going to make a statement on Tuesday, it would be the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And we all know why…

Because LeBron James is the King of Woke.

No, they didn’t take a knee, but they did stand out from every other team by locking arms during the anthem before their opener against the Boston Celtics Tuesday night. In contrast, the Celtics stood, some with their hands over their hearts.

Sports Illustrated posted the video via Twitter:


Not a good look, Cavs.

Perhaps the Cavs, and the NBA, might take a cue from the a recent shock poll that found NFL favorability ratings dropping from 57 percent to an anemic 44 percent, with the highest unfavorable rating of all major sports at 40 percent even as Goodell & Co. continue to insist on catering to SJW Inc. with their latest ridiculous announcement.

Is this really the road you want to travel, NBA?

Are half-empty stadiums and flipped channels worth making your pointless statements?

Yeah, we’re not sure exactly whose bright idea the “arm-linking” was, but we’re going to go ahead and pin it on LeBron.

From calling Trump voters “uneducated” (while patently and ironically displaying his own lack of education) to tweeting a quote from Eminem’s ridiculous anti-Trump rap last week to endless criticisms against the president and his policies, LeBron James has consciously made the decision to go from one of the most loved and respected sports icons of all time to just another liberal activist celebrity with an ax to grind.

And in the process, he’s managed to alienate half of America.

Of course, everyone has the right to freedom of speech, and if Lebron wants to be a pu**y-hat wearing snowflake off the court it’s his business. But as he takes the Cavs with him down the road of inane, America-hating protests, the real question is will the rest of the NBA follow the road the NFL has already gone down.

The locking arms display seems to have begun in the NFL as a way to show solidarity with players who knelt during the national anthem, so the Cavs likely thought they would avoid all the heat while still getting to make their “statement.”

In other words, they wanted to have their cake and eat it too, but the folks aren’t buying any of it.

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