CNN ruthlessly mocked for ‘bump stock’ animation . . . that wasn’t actually a bump stock

CNN is all about banning scary guns, and muzzles, and triggers and stocks and “whatnot,” or whatever those things are that kill people and well, we just need lots of “common sense” gun control and the NRA controls everything…

So yeah, apparently folks on the “Fake News” network don’t know a whole lot about guns in general, and especially the “bump stocks” they want to ban in particular.

Consider this coverage from Friday:

That’s right, in trying to show what a bump stock is, CNN showed us an animation … without a bump stock.

Maybe they’re just looking to the future, after they’re banned.

We’ll let CBS go ahead and explain what a bump stock is:

For the record, here’s how a bump stock actually works, with a guy using a real bump stock:

Naturally, CNN took some heat for their non-coverage coverage:

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Scott Morefield


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