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Guy refuses to put out his cigarette, gas station attendant loses his patience and does it for him

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Smoking can be hazardous to your health, but it is even more risky when you are doing it at a gas station in Sophia, Bulgaria.

A video circulating the Internet shows a man get out of his car at the gas station to pump gas into his vehicle while having a smoke.

He was reportedly asked multiple times to extinguish the cigarette but continued to smoke.

The attendant lost his patience and put it out for him, by dousing him with a fire extinguisher.

Astoundingly, the man standing beside him pumping gas remained unfazed by the scene.

LiveLeak.com – Guy smoking on gas station is asked few times to stop smoking

The spoiled brat refuses to stop smoking so the worker at the gas station decides to take matter in own hands.

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Carmine Sabia


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