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‘Politics-free’ Megyn Kelly wades into NFL ‘take a knee’ controversy – YUGE mistake

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Megyn Kelly may say she wants her new NBC show to be a “politics-free zone,” but that doesn’t mean her audience, fully aware of her past political reporting, won’t at least occasionally want her two cents on the controversial issues of the day.

And when they do, Kelly likely knows it would be unwise to take a position too far to either Left or the Right and thus alienate a significant percentage of the audience she hopes to build.

So when a live audience member asked her a question about whether or not she would “take a knee” during the national anthem, Kelly had a response ready that would seemingly please everyone.

Except, it didn’t.

“I practiced law for nine years, and I’m a lover of the First Amendment,” Kelly said in response to the audience member’s question, “and I think, in a way, this whole situation underscores some of the beauty of our country, because those players have every right to take a knee. And those who object to it have every right to say they object.”

“I believe that the fundamental principle, the bedrock of the First Amendment is the answer to speech we do not like is not less speech. It’s more speech. So, I just sort of think, Go USA,” Kelly said, as at least some of the audience applauded mildly.

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Watch the segment below:

Way to answer the question by not really answering the question, Megyn, which was what would YOU do. Way to try to stay as ‘middle of the road’ as possible, but many aren’t buying it…




Has anyone checked the actual rule about the anthem? NFL’s game operations manual is very specific

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