Trump nails Hillary in the head with a golf ball in his latest retweet; over-dramatic birdies lose it on Twitter!

Social media was lit on Sunday. President Donald Trump’s haters had a new excuse to tear into him.

The president was having some fun retweeting memes and gifs from supporters, but one set the social justice warriors off.

Image: Screenshot

It showed the president hitting a golf ball, and then cut to a scene of Hillary Clinton falling as she boarded a plane. The gif made it appear as if the golf ball from President Trump struck her and caused her to fall.

While some might find the gif amusing, supporters of Clinton took it as the president supporting violence against the former Democrat presidential candidate.

No. No he doesn’t. It was a golf ball, not a punch.

If you cannot tell how the two are not the same, there may be no helping you.

As long as you aren’t overdramatic.

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Carmine Sabia


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