Watch Curt Schilling brilliantly make CNN host SNAP: ‘You were pompous in Philly, you’re pompous today!’

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling owned CNN over its anti-President Donald Trump bias to its face on Saturday.

The former Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies ace and ESPN analyst, called into CNN’s “Smerconish” to talk about the lack of action ESPN took when one of its hosts, Jemele Hill, called the president a white supremacist.

Schilling is in a unique position to comment as he was fired for a social media post he made that his liberal employers at ESPN did not appreciate.

Host Michael Smerconish did his best to pretend to give Schilling a fair shake and feigned politeness, until Schilling, who said he was fired for being a conservative at ESPN, hit him where it hurts. Calling out CNN’s own bias.

“I would fire her. I would have never hired her. She has no place in any platform that represents sports. I think she’s openly racist. I think she has been openly racist,” Schilling said of Hill. “But I don’t need to tell you guys that. You guys have been at the forefront of this conversation at CNN since (President) Trump’s been elected.

An indignant Smerconish asked Schilling what he meant by the comment, as if he didn’t know.

“CNN has been at the vanguard of everything from the fake (Russian) dossier, to calling Trump a white supremacist time after time, anchor after anchor with no validation, no support for the comments. The guy’s denounced KKK and David Duke and white supremacy since, what, 27 years ago on the “Oprah Winfrey Show?” he said. “This is the same station that said showed us four female news anchors with their hands up, with the hands up don’t shoot, even though that was proven to be a complete fabrication and a lie. I never heard anyone at CNN retract that.”

Smerconish went off after Schilling laid into him.

“I’d love on a different day to litigate each one of the points that you just made here, because there’s a response for each one of them,” the host said, while giving a response to precisely none of them. “Instead, what I’ll do, is I’ll respond to you saying you were fired for being a conservative. I wasn’t even going to drill down on it but put back on the screen that Facebook post that Curt Schilling distributed where you cherry picked an abhorrent photograph and you used it to besmirch an entire class of individuals. That’s why you got fired! Now do you want to have that conversation, because I’ll have it?”

The photo in question was a picture Schilling tweeted that mocked transgender people.

Schilling argued that he was stating that men belong in men’s rooms and women in women’s rooms, but Smerconish maintained that he wanted to insult transgender people.

“I understand that’s how you guys work. I get it, you guys are about getting ratings. And so you need to be bombastic and you need to make assumptions for the viewers because you guys have operated under the notion that we’re too stupid to think for ourselves,” Schilling said. “The fact of the matter was, my comment was around the fact that I don’t need my government to tell me where to pee.”

Smerconish got angrier and angrier the more Schilling kept his cool during the volatile interview.

“Let me tell you something,” Smerconish fired back. “I deal in evidentiary thinking. I don’t like the ‘you guys, your network.’ If you have a beef — you know what you were pompous when you were in Philly and you are pompous today. Because you come on my program and you make a number of wild assertions, you make a number of wild assertions, none with specificity relative to me and my program!”

Smerconish insisted he was going to give Schilling the final word “out of decency” but he just couldn’t do it as he screamed at his guest.

“Why don’t we have a conversation about your behavior that caused you to get fired from ESPN?” he said. “Instead of you turning around and wanting to talk about the dossier that Buzzfeed produced. I thought we were having a conversation about ESPN and how they canned you!”

Yes Michael, that is what you were expecting. And you lost your cool, and your mind, on national television when you got called on your own network’s bias.

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