MSNBC’s Joy Reid eagerly retweets man’s VULGAR tirade directed at officer during traffic stop

Anti-police leftists on social media are celebrating a man who berated a police officer on video and shared it on the Internet.

In the video the unnamed man furiously accused the office of approaching his car with his gun drawn. The driver was apparently pulled over for failing to use his turn signal.

“Big f**king crime right?” the man shouted at the officer. “A crime enough for you to come with you f**king gun pulled out.”

The officer stood stoically, taking the verbal abuse as the man continued to rant and scream.

“You see if you just came to the car and did your regular routine I would have had no issue,” he said. “I turned around to a f**king gun pointed in my face. Do you feel empowered now that you pointed your gun at me? Do you feel empowered?”

The more the officer stayed silent, the more the man continued to castigate him.

“What happened? They f**ked you up in school? They used to bet you up? You didn’t get pu**y in school?” he continued before he made his most damning statement.

“I know it’s an individual, not every cop is f**ked up, but when I hear something f**ked up happened to a cop, I be like “Eh, he probably had it f**king coming because of m***erf**kers like you!” he said.

The officer never denied pulling out a gun and may have legitimately frightened the driver, but do we know the officer’s story?

For instance,  there may have been a dangerous suspect whose description this man matched. Perhaps there was a dangerous criminal lose in the area. Did he have a recent hostile encoutnter, a partner that was attacked…

Or maybe, just maybe the officer is aware of the rampant cop killings that have spiked across America thanks in large part to Obama’s divisive politicking and Black Lives Matter.

There could be a myriad of logical explanations for the officer to be overly apprehensive. But, this driver saw his chance to vulgarly grandstand and liberals loved him for it.

Case in point, MSNBC’s Joy Reid who wasted no time in celebrating this man for disrespecting the officer, as his video was shared more than 300,000 times.

Did we watch the same video? The situation was being escalated but it wasn’t by the officer.

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Carmine Sabia


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