‘Eyes Wide Shut’ actress pays a high price for supporting Trump

If you’re an actor or actress in liberal-dominated Hollywood, coming ‘out of the conservative closet’ can have severe consequences to both your career and your social life.

Eyes Wide Shut actress Julienne Davis is finding this out the hard way after making “one of the more risky decisions of [her] life” by penning a series of articles for a center-right political magazine. Although the magazine is now defunct, the impact on Davis’s life continues to be significant.

Davis described her experience in a Friday Fox News editorial. As she saw it, the actress had two choices when the magazine closed:

Option 1: I could start apologizing to all my Hollywood liberal friends and associates who’d been shocked by my writing and tell them: “I didn’t really mean it … it was a paid gig and I was simply doing it for the work.”

Option 2: I could have the courage of my convictions and continue down the conservative path.


Davis took the more difficult, and courageous, path, and has lost friends because of it. Many, including her once “best friend,” have stopped responding to texts and calls and have even “ghosted,” then unfriended her from Facebook altogether.

Unfriendings aside, the written and very public insults from Hollywood peers on social media and elsewhere have been numerous. I’ve been attacked with obscenities, called a racist, and had one person tell me he hoped I would die.

And then there was the fellow actress attacking me with an obscene sexist insult reserved for women. Unbelievably, I had short-listed that same actress for a film I was helping to cast last year!

When Davis “ran into” a “former good friend” at a movie screening, he told her, “Oh, we’re still friends … I just couldn’t be your friend on Facebook.” When asked why, he responded: “I have a lot of important people on my page, and I can’t be seen to have those kinds of associations.”

”Coward, I thought,” Davis writes.

Davis may have lost some friends, but she is gaining plenty more! Check out the awesome #MAGA tag.

Despite the cost, Davis has no plans to disavow what she considers the truth.

“I know that staying true to my conservative beliefs means they’ll steer clear of me so as not to be sullied with the association … much like my so-called ‘friends’ who ditched me publicly. I can see that I’ll have to take my career into my own hands in trying to find producers and funding for my own screenplay to get my film cast, shot, produced and distributed. As one very high-up industry (and closeted conservative) person said to me recently: ‘Get back in that closet if you want to get that film made.'”

“Thanks for the tip, but there’s no going back,” Davis writes.

Some of her liberal friends have stuck by her through it all, and Davis is thankful for that. “It is they and maybe conservatives like me who will hopefully help to bring people together again and end this insane polarization we are all witnessing,” she writes.

Davis also hasn’t hesitated to use her Twitter account to spread the good word.







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