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GOP Rep’s amendment could limit time on Mueller probe, but will his party pass it?

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Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) knows that witch hunts, er, special counsel investigations can take a life of their own, often far exceeding their original scope and journeying into areas not even the participants dreamed. They have to find a ‘crime,’ any crime, after all, to justify their existence.

That’s likely why DeSantis is trying to curtail special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump / Russia investigation by inserting an amendment into the House spending bill that would give Mueller six months after the bill’s passage before the funding spigot dries up.

Six months, the logic goes, in addition to the time Mueller and his team of Democratic cohorts have already had, should be more than enough time to find evidence of any real crime.

Politico reports the amendment would also limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation by keeping him from looking into anything that took place before Trump announced his presidential bid in June 2015.

While the House Rules Committee could very well discard the amendment before the vote is even held, DeSantis has certainly succeeded in making a strong statement.

In a statement, DeSantis said the order appointing Mueller as special counsel “didn’t identify a crime to be investigated and practically invites a fishing expedition.”

“Congress should use its spending power to clarify the scope and limit the duration of this investigation,” he explained. Deputy Attorney General Rod “Rosenstein has said that the DOJ doesn’t conduct fishing expeditions; the corollary to this admonition should be that Congress will not fund a fishing expedition.”

There are hundreds of other amendments under consideration, including some by House Democrats to protect the Mueller investigation.

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