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Scarborough and Navarro plan the party early for Gorka’s WH exit … there’s just one tiny problem

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Apparently, rumors of Sebastian Gorka’s White House demise have been greatly exaggerated.

With White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s departure, liberals are literally slavering at the mouth for the next “victim” to notch on their belts – up to and including, of course, President Trump himself. And one of the biggest trophies would be another former Breitbart employee, Trump’s deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka.

On May 1, before Gorka endeared himself to President Trump by doing a series of combative press interviews, the LA Times did a piece that quoted a senior administration official who said that Gorka would be leaving the White House “in the coming days.”

A prediction which, of course, never came to pass.

But none of that stopped a wishful-thinking Joe Scarborough from tweeting out the story like it was written yesterday:


CNN contributor Ana Navarro also tweeted it out…

In fact, the mis-tweets made the rounds so much that the LA Times itself put the following disclaimer above the article:

Note, Aug 20: This article was published May 1. Sebastian Gorka currently serves as a deputy assistant to President Trump.

Heck, even Brian Stelter had had enough of the fake news, and THAT’S saying something!

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