‘Stupid black … you’re supposed to be on our side!’ Black Antifa protester screams obscenities at black officer

This is the “peaceful” face of Antifa that the mainstream media won’t show you.

Tens of thousands of far left protesters descended on Boston on Saturday to protest hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump.

Antifa came looking for a fight and many of them were not going to leave until they got one.

That’s why thousands stayed long after the pro-president marchers left.

In one such confrontation the group had with police, an outraged Antifa protester could not hide her contempt for a black police officer who was there to keep the peace.

“You stupid ass b**tch. I’ll f**king spit on you b**ch,” she shouted at the police as another man gave police two middle fingers.

And then she took aim at the black officer.

“You stupid ass black bitch! You’re supposed to be on our side!” she shrieked.

Twitter was not kind to her.

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Carmine Sabia


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