Antifa is destroying ‘offensive’ statues; funny how they skipped this one in Seattle

Antifa thugs have declared war on monuments to historic figures they don’t approve of, but they seem to have missed an important one.

A statue of mass murderer, and former Soviet ruler, Vladimir Illych Lenin, that sits in one of America’s most liberal cities. Seattle.

The 18-foot-tall tall bronze of Lenin was created by sculptor Emil Venkov and was stationed in Poprad, Czechoslovakia until the Soviet Union caved in 1989, according to Roadside America.

The statue was purchased by American businessman Lewis Carpenter who mortgaged his home to bring the statue to Seattle.

But when Carpenter died in a car crash in 1994, his family loaned it to Seattle’s Fremont District until they could find someone to purchase it for the tune of $250,000.00.

Not many are running to pay a quarter million dollars for a statue of a man who was responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of people, and the district decided to put the statue on display.

For now it sits near a rocket from the Cold War and Antifa doesn’t seem to mind.

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Carmine Sabia


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