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Dem women celebrate their right to go sleeveless thanks to Paul Ryan, so why wasn’t Pelosi a liberator?

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Was it Chelsea Handler’s tweet that got the ball rolling or was it that Paul Ryan just decided the long-standing Capitol Building dress code needed to be “modernized” in light of twenty-first century fashion?

Eh, we’ll go with the latter – but either way the “Abu Dhabi” dress code, that forbade sleeveless tops and open-toed shoes in some parts of the Capital and was strictly imposed on Congressional women and lady reporters alike, has come to a merciful end.

And Democratic women in particular celebrated their newfound freedom by posing in sleeveless attire on the Capital steps.

Of course, despite the insinuation that the previous policy was an invention of Paul Ryan and the patriarchy, or something, it’s actually been around for decades and enforced by, well …

Which begs the question:

In other words …

Ouch, that HAS to hurt!

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about that whole “right to bare arms” thing.

Some social media users expressed the desire to go back to the old policy.

Finally, someone asked the question Chelsea Handler, a champion of Muslim immigration to the United States, inadvertently began this post with, although she likely had no idea what she was insinuating with her little “Abu Dhabi” jab:

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