‘The first step towards tyranny’ … steamrolling 5 thousand guns in display of government power

It’s a video that would make any gun enthusiast cringe.

A steamroller in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil plowing over thousands of firearms and smashing them to bits.

It happened on Thursday when thousands of guns were laid on a city street and steamrolled as part of Rio’s efforts to get guns off of its streets, KXAN reported.

“Operation Steamroller,” as it was dubbed, destroyed around 5,000 guns as it was overseen by the Brazilian army.

The guns were either confiscated by state police and handed over willingly by citizens as part of a disarmament campaign, according to KXAN.

The move was in response to the rising murder rate in the tourist city, which climbed from 4,200 in 2015 to 5,033 in 2016 according to Reuters.

Leftists on social media thought Rio’s gun destruction was a fantastic idea that they want the idea imported to America.

But the vast majority of people who responded to the video were horrified by what they witnessed.

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Carmine Sabia


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