Critics say ‘for $4.99 you can turn your kid into a racist,’ developer says that’s ‘libelous.’ You decide …

Race-baiter Tariq Nasheed is using his social media fame to push a new mobile app he has created.

And he’s firing back against the media outlet who reported about it.

Nasheed, who frequently refers to police officers as “race soldiers” and attacks, and blocks, social media users who challenge his warped views as “white supremacists,” “coons,” and “hapas,” released a game called “Crispy’s Biscuits” from his company MoorUs Inc.

Crispy Biscuits is described by Nasheed as an “addictive and exciting game where you have to help Crispy reach his Struggle Mansion while he collects biscuits along the way.”

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Players are asked to “play your way through ten different levels and help Crispy avoid obstacles like lotion bottles, hair clippers, raccoons, etc. on his quest to gather as many biscuits as he can.”

The Daily Caller, which was formerly headed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, reported on the game on Tuesday and called out Nasheed for his flagrant racism and race baiting ways, which set the race hustler off.

The Caller also pointed out that Nasheed’s previous foray into the app making world fell on its face, which probably didn’t make Nasheed any happier.

He also took time to brag about the success of the game.

But what he really uses his social media for is attacking white people and police as well as black people, Asians and any other person of any race who doesn’t subscribe to his racist beliefs.

Nasheed has used his social media to viciously attack any black person who supports police or who doesn’t believe in white supremacy.

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He used an anti-Asian slur against someone who outed Nasheed for making “how-to” videos about tricking women into sex.

But who he despises most is “white supremacists” who, judging by Nasheed’s tweets, is nearly every white person.

And he appeared to derive happiness from the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise.

And he wonders why anyone would call him a race-baiter.

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Carmine Sabia


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