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CNN commentator busts up panel: If Trump said Irish reporter ‘had a nice piece’ that’d be a story!

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A CNN segment devoted to the outrage over President Trump’s compliment of an Irish reporter’s smile took a funny turn thanks to one panelist.

Political commentator Alice Stewart capped a long panel discussion on CNN Wednesday with a well-timed remark following a debate over Trump’s behavior. The president set off his critics when he paid Irish reporter Caitriona Perry a compliment for her “beautiful smile” earlier this week.

CNN panelists Stewart, the Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis and CNN anchor Don Lemon agreed that Trump’s comment was innocent and not a big deal. But Democratic strategist, Maria Cardona, was not in agreement, slamming the president while the other panel guests continued to tell her she was overreacting.

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“He hasn’t called out male journalists and told them they have a cute butt,” Cardona said at one point in the long segment, as she continued to blast the president for his “inappropriate” actions.

“I missed the part where he said that about this girl in the video tonight,” Stewart said at one point. “I think he was trying to be friendly. This is part of his nature, his personality and I believe way too much is being made about this.”

But Cardona went on, aghast that the others on the panel did not see things the way she did and vehemently disagreeing with Lemon who said she and others were making much ado about nothing

“That is completely offensive you guys, period,” Cardona said, doubling down on her stand.

“What is wrong with saying that somebody’s attractive?” Lewis wondered.

Cardona finalized her argument by explaining that Trump should not compliment anyone, especially a foreign female reporter, because he’s the leader of the free world.

“You are the president of the United States and talking to a woman journalist from another country,” she said. “And calling her out because she has a nice smile. Why can’t he call her out because of the great piece she had written last week?”

“If he said she had a great piece, that would be a story,” Stewart quipped, bringing laughter to the panel.

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“Alice! That was good,” Lemon exclaimed as he recovered.

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