Rosie O’Donnell donates money to ‘terror sympathizing’ NSA leaker fed prosecutors call ‘frightening’

Comedian, and avid hater of President Donald Trump, Rosie O’Donnell has decided to fund a traitor.

O’Donnell, who has used the word “treason” dozens of times to describe actions of people in the Trump administration, now thinks Reality Winner, who leaked government documents, is a hero.

The same woman who federal prosecutors found “downright frightening” evidence on, they say poses a danger to the United States.

Prosecutors cited a missing USB drive that might contain more documents, as well as recorded jailhouse phone calls that showed she planned to play the pretty white girl card to get the judge to agree to bail.

But her bail was denied as the judge was concerned about the missing USB drive, the phone calls, and even more frightening, her apparent affinity for radical Islamic terrorists, including Osama bin Laden.

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As BPR reported:

The judge was also concerned about Winner’s fascination with the Middle East and Islamic terrorism, as handwritten notes with sympathetic statements on Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour were found in her home.


Winner even promised to “stand with” the Islamic Republic Of Iran over the United States if the two ever went to war. She responded to the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the following tweet:

Image: Screenshot

Yet, the comedian thought she’s go ahead and donate money to help her out anyway:

“These funds will be able to assist with loss of wages, counseling from this traumatic experience and to be able to recover from this as Reality & her family rebuilds their lives,” Winner’s GoFundMe page read. “Possible expenses for travel for the family and anything they might need to help them through these troubled times.”

A “traumatic experience” she brought on herself.

O’Donnell confirmed on Twitter that she gave the $1,000 donation, and asked to get in contact with Winner’s mother to “offer any help.”

She called Winner, who some would say deserves to be called treasonous, a “brave young patriot.”

But Rosie wouldn’t extend that “hero” status to Julian Assange.

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Probably because her definition of “bravery” relies a lot on who is being damaged.

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