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On cue, Finnish PM tweets his ‘shock’ at every terror attack, but seems to have no clue why they happen

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Most of Europe’s limp-wristed, politically-correct, clueless, hand-wringing so-called ‘leaders’ wouldn’t know a ’cause / effect’ if it hit them over the head, or apparently if it manifested itself, over and over again, as a murderous terrorist attack committed by people they are ever-desperate to allow in.

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä is shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, at Monday’s horrific Manchester U.K. terrorist attack.


That’s right, the man who once offered his second home to Muslim refugees, then rescinded the offer citing “security concerns,” has no idea why Europe is suddenly rampant with terrorist attacks.

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Shocked’ isn’t a new state of mind for the dense Finnish PM. He was also shocked by the Paris attacks of November 2015.


And when a Muslim extremist drove a cargo truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, killing 86 people and injuring 434, Sipilä was also “shocked.” But at least he sent “thoughts” their way (again).


When terrorist bombings killed dozens of Coptic Christians in Egypt on Palm Sunday … still shocked.


Brussels left him shocked, but concerned too… how quaint!


When a truck driven by a terrorist killed 12 and injured 56 at a Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin … you guessed it – still shocked.


“Saddened” instead of shocked this time, the Finnish PM “strongly condemned” attacks in Istanbul, Gaziantep, and London.





And my guess is the next attack that comes the West’s way will result in more “shock,” “sadness,” “thoughts,” and verbal condemnation – albeit quite strongly.

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Liberalism is a mental disease, and its effects are, eventually, terminal.

And for those of us with a lick of common sense, there’s nothing shocking about that!

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