Putin offers to give transcripts of Trump meeting to Congress; opens up whole new can of worms!

Russian President Vladimir Putin came out with a strong statement castigating the left’s hysteria over his foreign minister’s meeting with President Donald Trump.

Following the meeting, the Washington Post claimed that the president revealed classified information to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which caused hysteria in the mainstream media.

But at a joint press conference with the Italian prime minister on Wednesday, the Russian president said there was “no other explanation” for the media and Democrat politicians attacking President Trump over the meeting other than “political schizophrenia,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

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He even offered to share the transcripts of that meeting to help end the scandal, if the White House approves.

Putin joked that if President Trump shared classified secrets with his foreign minister then Lavrov is in trouble because “he hasn’t shared those secrets with us.”

He added that the politicians that are fostering an “anti-Russian sentiment” in America are either “stupid” or “dangerous.”

Social media was lit over the offer from the Russian president.

There was a Russian newspaper in the meeting, you know?

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Carmine Sabia


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