Dilbert creator Scott Adams obliterates liberal climate change theory in one brutal cartoon

Dilbert creator Scott Adams isn’t afraid of taking controversial positions, including supporting Donald Trump for president last year, but his latest stand on climate change might have him in the most hot water yet.

There’s nothing like sarcasm and wit to adeptly mock liberal positions, and Adams used Dilbert to illustrate his point perfectly:


In a March blog post called “How to Convince Skeptics that Climate Change is a Problem,” Adams expressed that, while he does prefer to side with a majority of scientists, it’s “mind-boggling to me that the scientific community can’t make a case for climate science that sounds convincing.”

So, what would it take to convince everyone, according to Adams? There are 14 key things, and all of them are worth checking out. Here are a couple:

When you claim the oceans have risen dramatically, you need to explain why insurance companies are ignoring this risk and why my local beaches look exactly the same to me. Also, when I Google this question, why are half of the top search results debunking the rise? How can I tell who is right? They all sound credible to me.

If you want me to believe warmer temperatures are bad, you need to produce a chart telling me how humankind thrived during various warmer and colder eras. Was warming usually good or usually bad?

You also need to convince me that economic models are accurate. Sure, we might have warming, but you have to run economic models to figure out how that affects things. And economic models are, as you know, usually worthless.

And now, Adams’ Sunday cartoon, appearing right next to the likes of Doonesbury in every newspaper in the country, that questions the ‘settled wisdom’ for literally all to see.

Needless to say, liberal heads are exploding.

But first, this…

He’s right, of course. Here’s a sampling of critics from the peanut gallery:

And finally…

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