Rand Paul raises another red flag, says a senator ‘confided’ he was spied on by Obama admin

A U.S. senator revealed to Sen. Rand Paul that he was the target of spying by the Obama administration.

The Kentucky Republican, who has learned recently that he was also surveilled during former President Obama’s tenure, said the “alarming” issue has him concerned for everyday Americans.

“I know of one other senator who’s already confided to me that he was surveilled by the Obama administration,” Paul told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “America’s News HQ” Thursday.

The former Republican presidential candidate remarked that two reporters have told him they have multiple sources confirming that “the Obama administration was looking at my private information and there are rumors of other people that ran for president as well.”

“I’m concerned also, not only for other members of Congress like myself, but for Americans in general,” Paul said.

“Do you think that the Obama administration was just surveilling whoever was running for president because they wanted Hillary Clinton to win? I mean, this is just extraordinary,” Bartiromo exclaimed.

Paul, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, replied “I don’t know the truth.”

He related that intelligence committees in both the House and Senate have been asked about the allegations, as has the White House. He cited the reports about Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice asking for names to be unmasked in top-secret intelligence reports.

“Hers was not a position of investigation. Hers is a political position,” Paul said. “And for her to get involved in unmasking Trump officials is alarming. If it happened to other people, it’s even more alarming.”

Paul admitted he is worried there is “not enough oversight” of the intelligence agencies.

“When this all comes out, if there are political figures from the opposition party, it’s a story bigger than any of the allegations with regard to Russian collusion,” Paul said.  “It’s about your own government spying on the opposition party. That would be enormous if it’s true.”

Twitter users agreed that it would be a major issue, but many admitted they would not be surprised.

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Frieda Powers


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