Feminists meltdown: A company that has ‘thin’ in their name is sponsoring Wonder Woman

The new “Wonder Woman” movie is set to hit theaters this June, but its cross-promotion with the thinkThin product line is causing outrage among snowflakes and feminists.

But they didn’t research enough t realize that the company doesn’t even sell diet bars or weight loss products, despite its name.

Feminist pop culture website The Mary Sue was among the first to attack the ads because “thinkThin is not a slogan we need to be associated with a fierce warrior.”

The writers argued that male based superhero movies get tons of great cross promotion.

“This is not what we were hoping for,” writer Vivian Kane wrote.

“This cross-promotion is full of the mixed messages of unrealistic standards women have forced upon them their whole lives,” she wrote. “We’re supposed to be as strong as Wonder Woman but also expected to “think thin,” to keep our bodies small and unimposing, preferably to the point of having no body at all.”

Or maybe it’s simply an ad for health food products.

But Kane was far from the only complainer.

Far left website Salon, which rarely has a tough time finding things to be offended by, was also outraged.

It argued that Wonder Woman ought to be a movie to “celebrate the female form not as a subject of desire but a source of power.”

Because how horrid would it be to desire to have a nice appearance?

And the whining wasn’t left only to the professional writers.

Many of the perennially offended took to social media to complain.

And while social justice warriors were outraged by the company name, they apparently did no research because they missed what the brand is about.

Yeah but who cares? Why skip a good chance to be outraged?

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Carmine Sabia


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