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‘You’ve gotta see this!’ 9-person CNN panel makes news for unbelievable reaction to Trump’s speech

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Following President Donald Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday night CNN employed a panel of nine to pick it apart.

And their reaction got its own reaction ( see above tweet).

The group feigned outrage over the “divisiveness” of the president’s blunt candor and lamented the fact that he isn’t former President Obama.



Democrat strategist Paul Begla called the president a “moral midget” and a “needy little baby” who is “haunted” by the fact that he lost to Hillary Clinton in the popular vote.

But clearly not as haunted as Begla is by the fact that the popular vote didn’t determine the president.

Never Trump Republican David Gergen described it as “the most divisive speech I’ve ever heard from an American president.”

“I am so, so sad for America tonight listening to this speech – Ronald Reagan would never have given such an utterly divisive speech,” former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said.

She was also not a fan of the president reciting the poem “The Snake” and relating it to America taking in illegal aliens.

“I want to take a shower,” she said.

Republican former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum did his best to defend the president though he was ganged up on every time he started to make a point.

Santorum said that former President Obama “deeply offended” him but no one on the left cared about that.

“He was morally condescending, calling people bigots and racists,” he said.

And, yes, it might have been nice to see the panel, and Democrats in general, show the president more respect.

But, frankly, watching them have a meltdown is more fun.

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