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‘Cisgender normative’? Get real! The Simpsons’ spoof on college snowflakes sure to be instant classic

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Hit Fox cartoon “The Simpsons” is known for being at the forefront of political commentary but its latest swipe at Social Justice Warriors is a knee slapper.

The cartoon, which many believe once predicted the presidency of Donald Trump , the Lady Gaga Super Bowl halftime and many other world events, took a jab at the snowflake culture on college campuses in the episode titled  “Caper Chase.”

In the episode, the show’s antagonist character, Montgomery Burns, who owns the nuclear power plant, returns to his old school, Yale University, to donate funds for a nuclear management center.

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But the administrators inform Burns that it won’t be so easy because “Our students are highly entitled wusses.”

“You’d be creating a space for violence to happen,” another official responded as the caption on the screen read “actual quote from Yale student.”

The school officials then tell Mr. Burns other programs that need funding, like hiring eight deans to police Halloween costumes.

Burns then uses the word “fellow” causing one of the students nearby to respond “Fellow. That word is cisgender normative, Ok? You’re worse than Hitler.”

[wpvideo ubi0lcF2]

Social media found it hilarious.

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