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NBC sportswriter wants the American flag and flyovers out of sports; fans would rather see him go

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Sports have long offered Americans a welcome escape from the rancor that marks our politics, but the left continues to creep in on this hallowed ground.

The latest example of this comes from NBC sportswriter Craig Calcaterra, who sees a display of the American flag as a political act.

In a classic example of liberal projecting, Calcaterra posted a photo Sunday of a huge American flag in the outfield at Suntrust Park in Atlanta — and on the Jumbotrons — during the national anthem, along with this caption:

“Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free”

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To be clear, it wasn’t just Old Glory that Calcaterra took offense to, as he clarified in a response on Twitter. NBC’s lead baseball writer included customary military flyovers seen at many professional sports events — none do it better than NASCAR.

Yep, no love of country there…

Once in a hole, Calcaterra refused to stop digging, dismissing the American flag as “a piece of fabric.”

He even tried to suggest that flyovers never occurred before 9/11, but was quickly set straight:

And make no mistake about it, Calcaterra’s stance was purely political, even if he claims otherwise:

Rest assured, though, Calcaterra got what was coming to him for his distaste of good old fashioned patriotism — he probably hates apple pie too.

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Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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