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Remember this video of a good samaritan shot in the stomach, saved by jammed gun? Here’s an update …

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In November 2015, Peter Gold, then a Tulane medical student, was driving down the streets of New Orleans when he saw Euric Cain using a chokehold to forcibly drag a woman down the street. When Gold tried to intervene, Cain shot him in the stomach, then tried to finish the job by shooting him in the head.

Except the gun jammed, twice, and Gold lived to tell the story while Cain is currently serving a 54-year prison sentence for a variety of crimes, including the attempted murder of Gold.

Just this month, Gold has watched the surveillance footage of the horrifying event and has talked to several news outlets, including Friday’s edition of Fox News’ Happening Now.

Describing the event to host Jenna Lee, Gold said, “I happened to see a man having a girl in a chokehold dragging her down the street.” Realizing that he was the only person around, “instincts took the best of me and the next thing I knew I was out of the car yelling at the man just trying to do anything to get him to go away. As I’m yelling at him he starts to then rob me and pulls his gun out and at that point the tables were turned.”

Despite the fact that Gold offered cash and credit cards, the assailant said, “You know what, I’m just going to kill you.”

Cain then shot Gold in the stomach, but the gun jammed twice when he tried to shoot him in the head.

“I feel lucky and so grateful to be alive,” said Gold.

Gold has started an organization, called My Strong City, to help support “community-based organizations” that share resources and empower inner-city youth.

Watch the interview below (warning: graphic content):

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