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U.S. drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on ISIS tunnel camp in Afghanistan

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dc-news-300x71Saagar Enjeti, DCNF

The U.S. dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on the Islamic State in Afghanistan Thursday, CNN reports.

U.S. drops 21K LB MOAB, “Mother Of All Bombs” on ISIS-K tunnel camp in Afghanistan. Air Blast bomb largest non-nuclear bomb in US arsenal.

The mission will mark the first time the bomb has been used in combat. The munition is known as the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) and weighs approximately 20,000 pounds. The bomb is approximately 30ft long and detonates 6ft off the ground to increase its destructive power.

ISIS’s affiliate in Afghanistan has proved resilient against U.S. and Afghan Security Forces raids. The bomb was reportedly dropped on Achin district in Nangarhar province, the known headquarters of the terrorist group.

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Here’s a report via NBC News.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer informed the press pool of the bombing at Thursday’s daily briefing.


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