Harvard announces a change in its anthem lyric; guess which word was too offensive?

History is taking a back seat in favor of political correctness at Harvard.

One of America’s most venerable universities announced that it’s changing the last line of its anthem, “Fair Harvard.”

Clip via Fox News Channel

The anthem has a long history with the university. The Boston Globe reported:

Since the mid-1800s, incoming Harvard University students and those bidding farewell to the college have celebrated together at commencements and other major events by singing “Fair Harvard,” a hymn known to sometimes bring its performers together, arm-in-arm, in a show of solidarity.

“Fair Harvard’s” closing line, however, currently reads, “Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love, till the stock of the Puritans die.”

The word “Puritans,” they believe, is problematic — it’s not inclusive enough.

“We are looking for the best poetic expression that the Harvard community can offer,” said Professor Danielle S. Allen, according to The Globe. “The only thing that is changing is that line.”

But changing “that line” was enough to bring out the wrath of folks on social media.

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