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You couldn’t wait a minute? Gross anti-gun propaganda moments after school shooting is vile

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The Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America rushed to social media to use murder victims as props on Monday.

Mere moments after a gunman shot four people, including himself, killing one and injuring two before taking his own life, Shannon Watts used the incident to peddle her anti-gun propaganda.

She called to the “exact right time” to preach her venom.

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Watts has a history of using social media to go after guns, and pro-Second Amendment advocates. She has a particular disdain for conservative writer Dana Loesch, who she referred to as Leather Tuscadero of “Happy Days.”

She used Monday’s shooting to call for President Trump and Congress to “address gun violence.”

Her enemy Loesch, and others on social media, weren’t impressed.

Don’t bug her with pesky facts while she is pushing her agenda.

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Hmmmmmmm maybe?

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