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Mark Steyn has some sobering words for President Trump on Syria

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Here we go again.

After chemicals purportedly dispersed by forces under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad killed dozens of men, women, and children in rebel-held territory, it looks like an American administration is about to play king-maker, or king-remover, in the Middle East yet again.

Except, the last time we tried it, in Libya, things didn’t work out so well. (And the time before that, and the time before that… but you get the point.)

On Fox News’ Your World, conservative author and commentator Mark Steyn had some sobering words for President Trump as he navigates these treacherous waters.

According to Steyn, Trump should be cautious about overthrowing a country’s government without having a clear end game.

“To go back to the Democrats’ most unnecessary debacle, Hillary [Clinton] thought knocking off [Libyan President Muammar] Gaddafi in Libya would be easy and cost-free,” Steyn told host Neil Cavuto.

Except it wasn’t any of those things because of the power vacuum and destabilization that followed.

“You’ve got to have an end game here. You’ve got to know what you want Syria to look like after Assad, or it’s a waste of time,” Steyn continued. “Trump has been very clear that he regards running around Afghanistan for 15 years as a complete waste of time. He doesn’t want to get into a similar situation.”

Watch the exchange below:

Those supportive of Trump argue that the strike was strategic and quick, and meant to send a clear message to America’s enemies.

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