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‘Delete your company!’ Sit back and laugh as social justice warriors turn on each other thanks to Pepsi

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Pepsi Cola’s attempt to appeal to the protest generation blew up in its face on Tuesday.

The company used model, and Kardashian sister, Kendall Jenner in the ad titled “Live for Now Moments Anthem,” to show how all we need is Pepsi to unite the divide between police and the anti-law enforcement Black Lives Matter movement.

It showed Jenner at a photo shoot when she suddenly catches a protest going by and decides that she, and her soothing soft drink, can quell the tension and anger.

Jenner walked through the angry crowd until she finally approached a police officer and handed him a Pepsi.

The big ending? The officer drinking the Pepsi as the formerly angry crowd erupted in raucous cheers of unity.

If they wanted to unify people, Pepsi might have reached it’s goal … just not in the way it wanted.

Rather than attracting social justice warriors, the #Resist and Black Lives Matter crowd lost their collective minds on the company, while those on the right laughed at them.

It was tough to find anyone that thought this commercial was a good idea.

Carmine Sabia


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