People are steaming over bitter coffee shop’s conservative-hating punch cards

A Pittsburgh coffee shop has been hit with a huge backlash after it decided to make politically charged punch cards featuring President Donald Trump and other conservatives.

The Black Forge Coffee House said the cards were printed before the election and were meant to be satirical. But now the owners claim they are being threatened, local CBS affiliate KDKA reported.

Critics believe the punch cards promote violence against the president and the others on the card, like Ann Coulter, Sen. Ted Cruz, Bill O’Reilly, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Vice President Mike Pence and radio host Rush Limbaugh, by punching a hole in their heads.

“We didn’t want it to turn out this way. We were just doing what we normally do,” co-owner Ashley Corts told KDKA. “We’re not condoning any sort of violence. We’re not condoning any sort of hate. It’s just our way of expressing ourselves.”

But the company’s Facebook post announcing the arrival of the cards invites customers to “take out a scumbag” with the holes punched in the center of the forehead of each conservative, resembling a gunshot.

The shop also liked a comment in which a customer said she wanted to take “a f***ing shot right in Mike Pence’s head.”

The shop sits next to a police station. Corts said they had to go to them and report the threats.

“(People are) saying that they want to put bullets in our head(s) and that they hope that we burn inside of our building,” she said.

Others were less extreme and decided to take to the company’s Facebook page and leave one-star reviews.

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Carmine Sabia


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