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‘How socialism ruined my country’: Brazilian journalist has eye-opening message for America’s youth

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Bernie Sanders is back in the Senate yammering about Russians and the minimum wage, but if things had gone even a little differently he might very well have become president. And there are still millions of young people who supported the outspoken socialist and would gladly support Sanders or another candidate with similar beliefs in 2020.

So, is Sanders right? Would we be better off under socialism? Fortunately, life provides opportunities to learn from the mistakes of others, and journalist and Veja magazine columnist Felipe Moura Brasil provides a wonderful but terrifying analysis of how socialism has affected his country.

A Brazilian journalist recounts how socialism and the promise of income equality and social justice ruined his country. He takes particular issue with America’s youth who are blindly enamored with the same message and voted for Bernie Sanders.

Watch this eye-opening video from PragerU and share it with your friends, particularly the ones who are still feeling the Bern. It’s strong medicine, but it could be just the kind they need.

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