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Mom’s thank-you letter to Fla cop for arresting her daughter on Spring Break goes viral because it is AWESOME

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In a day when law enforcement officers are coming under increasing attack, a mother wrote a letter thanking a Florida sheriff — for arresting her daughter.

The woman, who didn’t identify herself by name, thanked the Walton County deputies for their kindness and professionalism when arresting her daughter during spring break. She found that comforting because she was hundreds of miles away and couldn’t be there herself.

Walton County Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson Jr. posted the letter to Facebook, where it soon went viral.

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“In this day, ‘cops’ are getting a bad rap. So, I wanted to say ‘thank you’. Yesterday, my daughter was one of the thousands of spoiled spring breakers ‘living it up’ on the beach,” the letter read. “The arrest scared the HELL out of her and I’m hoping she learned her lesson.”

The girl was reportedly 19 and holding a can of beer at the time of the incident. She tried to get away with it by displaying a fake ID.

Spoiled spring breakers “living it up” / Source: Screenshot

“The reason that I am sending this is that every officer that I talked to or that I could hear in the background talking to her was so nice! Firm, but nice,” the mother wrote. “I’m sure each one was rolling their eyes when my daughter said ‘Can you talk to my mom?’ but each and every officer was respectful and assured me she would get back to her house safely.”

She apologized that her daughter added to the workload of the deputies who have to deal with this “on a daily basis” and closed with this:

“They say you always have one child that makes you go gray early and she is mine! Thank you for saving me a few more gray hairs last night.”

The post was shared more than 800 times and received 3.4 thousand “Likes” and other reactions.

It also received more than 150 replies, but there was one in particular that may have given the mother some added comfort and hope.

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“Long story short… my spoiled rotten daughter also found herself on the wrong side of the law at the age of 19,” a Facebook user with the handle Rowdy VA wrote. “Today she is a LEO [law enforcement officer] in Dayton, Ohio. Proud and thankful of law enforcement everywhere!”

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