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LA mayor ‘needs to be indicted’ for promoting sanctuary city that welcomed my son’s drunk-driving killer

Drew Rosenberg was run down by an illegal alien who was trying to escape from the scene of his hit-and-run.
Drew Rosenberg was mowed down by an illegal alien who was frantically trying to escape the scene of the hit-and-run. The illegal served 6 weeks in jail.

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A grieving father whose son was killed by an illegal alien says lawmakers who promote sanctuary cities should go to jail for breaking the law.

Don Rosenberg is heartbroken that his son, Drew Rosenberg, was mowed down by a car driven by an illegal alien. Drew was riding his motorcycle in San Francisco when Roberto Galo struck him in November 2010.

In a frantic effort to flee the scene of his crime, Galo ran over Drew twice, killing the 25-year-old student. After Galo was convicted of manslaughter, he served 6 weeks in jail and was released. In 2013, he was deported back to the Honduras.

Don Rosenberg said this tragedy would never have happened if Galo had not been in the United States illegally. “[My son] still would be alive if it wasn’t for this illegal immigrant,” Rosenberg told Fox News.

Statistics show that up to 20 people a day are killed by unlicensed drivers, and Rosenberg believes more than half of those unlicensed drivers are illegal immigrants.

Despite these and other jarring crime statistics, Mayor Eric Garcetti — who’s running for re-election — wants to make Los Angeles a sanctuary city. Garcetti, a Mexican-American Jew, hasn’t formally announced such a proposal, but has repeatedly made statements suggesting he wants to.

Rosenberg said Mayor Garcetti’s recklessness is endangering public safety. “Garcetti is jeopardizing the health, safety and welfare of everybody in Los Angeles and the surrounding area,” Rosenberg said. “It’s criminal behavior on his part.” Rosenberg added:

And you listen to his other comments where he says, ‘We don’t separate families.’ Well, yes you do. You separated my family! And you’ve separated tens of thousands of families. You never talk about that! You talk about separating families where people have committed crimes. It’s outrageous.”

Rosenberg said Eric Garcetti’s days in politics are numbered, because public anger is mounting. “He better watch out,” Rosenberg said. “He needs to be indicted and convicted because he’s violating federal law. He’s obstructing justice.”

Rosenberg also trashed the leftist media for covering up crimes committed by illegal aliens. “The L.A. Times, of course, does absolutely nothing to tell the truth of what’s going on,” he said.

“They haven’t even run a story yet about that 14-year-old girl who was raped [by two illegals]. But they ran a front-page story about a Hispanic woman who was asked by a waiter if she was in the country legally. That gets a front-page story, but a [child] rape gets no story at all!”

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