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Univision’s stunning admission about Rockville school rape case … Obama’s policy vs Trump’s

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Spanish language network Univision made a stunning admission about the Rockville High School rape case.

Attorney Joseph Malouf told Univision’s Pablo Gato that President Donald Trump’s immigration policy would have likely prevented the alleged rape of a 14-year-old victim at the hands of 18-year-old illegal immigrant Henry E. Sanchez and 17-year-old Jose O. Montano of El Salvador.

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“If this had occurred now, with President Trump’s new executive order, what would the situation be?” Gato asked Malouf.

“It would be different, because they would have arrested Mr. Sanchez and they would have detained him, and eventually he would have been deported,” Malouf said. “He wouldn’t have been able to enter the area and obviously commit this crime.”

The statement flies in the face of the station’s traditionally anti-Trump, pro-open borders positions mainly espoused by its top anchor Jorge Ramos, who said the nation now belongs to Hispanic people.

h/t: MRC TV.

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