Rep Steve King shocks pearl-clutching libs with ‘somebody else’s babies’ remark

A conservative congressman’s agreement Sunday with the concerns of Dutch politician Geert Wilders brought out the crazies who accused him of — what else? — racism.

Rep Steve King responded to a statement that “Wilders is right,” given that “Hundreds of Islamists [are] shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.”

The Iowa Republican tweeted:

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Almost from the moment King posted his comment, the left came out in droves, all claiming the moral high ground.

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One person’s response to King included a call to support King’s probable opponent in his 2018 re-election bid.

And it appeared to work.

Another person tweeted:

Here’s a lesson in “demographics,” “civilization” and “culture” for Mr. Bill P:

What King’s critics don’t realize in their desperate attempt to be “relevant” and “tolerant” is that Islam is on track to overtaking Christianity as the World’s largest religion.

Why should that be of concern to anyone?

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Several years ago a local Texas director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations told a gathering of fellow Muslims that they were literally “above the law of the land.” That statement conformed to a previous one made by CAIR co-founder Omar M. Ahmad that “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.”

Consider that and then look at what’s happening in Germany, France, Sweden and yes, the Netherlands.


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