CAIR leader: Muslims ‘are above the law’ in the US

As HB 351, the “Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases,” — prohibiting Florida courts from applying foreign law — is making its way through Tallahassee, Islamic leaders in the U.S. are teaching their faithful they don’t have to follow U.S. law.

Speaking at an event in Austin, Texas called Muslim Capitol Day, Mustafa Carroll, executive local director of theCouncil on American-Islamic Relations told the crowd that they were literally above the law.

“If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said Carroll.

Carroll’s remarks conformed to statements made by other CAIR leaders. CAIR co-founder Omar M. Ahmad was paraphrased by a reporter as saying, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant” and the Quran “should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth,” according to

Of special concern to Americans is the application of Shariah law by Islamic leaders. Because of that fear, Florida’s HB 351 is often referred to as the “Anti-Shariah bill.” A similar measure was introduced in Florida last year, was approved by the House but died in the Senate.

“We tried to downplay Shariah, because we didn’t want to give the other side any excitement for being here,” he said.

He dismissed critics who express concern about Shariah, calling them “anti-foreign.”

“When you even say the word Shariah, people get nervous. We are not advocating for Shariah. We are not trying to make Shariah the law of the land,” he said.

Carroll went on to say, “If you understand Shariah, the foundation of our faith … how we treat our neighbor, how we treat our parents … how we participate in society, all of that is part of Shariah.”

Its critics point out that Shariah law and the Quran are also filled with violence, intolerance and barbaric practices.


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15 thoughts on “CAIR leader: Muslims ‘are above the law’ in the US

  1. Chris says:

    I don't think our elected reps have the guts to say no.

    I think these islamists who believe they are above our laws should be deported

  2. Colin Jones says:

    These creeps actually believe they will take over the world.

    Best to nip it in the bud whilst you can.

  3. Anon says:

    Whatever. They can pretend to be "above the law" from behind bars then. Good riddance.

  4. dawg says:

    ok….then our laws should not protect them either….open season?

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