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Kellyanne Conway unplugged: Here’s why I look haggard, you haters!

Kellyanne Conway is often called an “ugly anorexic drug addict” because she’s slim. (YouTube)

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Kellyanne Conway laughs off the “triple standard” that she says conservative women are held to by the media and the public.

Conway — the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign in U.S. history — is routinely called “ugly,” “haggard,” and an “anorexic drug addict” by online trolls.

But the mom of four said she doesn’t care, because she answers to the public and to President Trump, not to haters.

“I’m there to serve the president, who’s there to serve the American people,” Conway told Fox News host Howard Kurtz.

Conway was reacting to a New York Times article that claims she’s treated in the same sexist manner that Hillary Clinton is. The Times noted:

What powerful political woman is mocked for her clothes, is the target of pictures on Twitter depicting her as haggard and is routinely called a witch and a b*tch?

If you guessed Hillary Clinton, you’re right.

But if you guessed Kellyanne Conway, you’re right, too.

Conway said if she looks “haggard,” it’s because she stays up late helping her children with their homework, in addition to juggling her high-profile job as White House counselor.

But Conway is undoubtedly treated much worse than Hillary Clinton or other high-powered women because she’s a conservative.

For example, Conway was blasted by liberals for being “inappropriate” for having her feet on the sofa, even though former President Obama did the same thing all the time. The media also reframed the incident to make it sexual by bleating that Kellyanne was “on her knees.”

When Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond made a sexually suggestive joke saying she “looked familiar” on her knees, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn the vile, sexist jab. And the mainstream press covered it up with a media blackout.

Still, Conway has risen above the fray, saying she has better things to do than worry about haters. “I’m not there [at the White House] to read about myself,” she said.

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