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President Trump’s tweets honoring women today are driving liberals completely crazy

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President Donald Trump’s Wednesday morning tweets honoring women are driving liberals right up the wall.

Trump took to social media to honor and profess his respect for women in recognition of International Women’s Day.

But referring to some locker room-type remarks Trump made more than a decade earlier, liberals clearly weren’t buying it, and the commander-in-chief’s sentiments were like a red cape to a bull.

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WARNING for language.

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One referenced the proposed Republican health care bill, which would defund Planned Parenthood.

Wednesday was also designated by the left as “A Day Without Women,” in which women were urged to play hooky from their jobs so that employers could get a taste of how life would be without the fairer sex.

Although liberals refused to accept Trump’s sentiments, at least one journalist was all too ready to accept the veracity of a tweet coming from a parody account of White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The parody account was obviously fake — the name was misspelled as “Spicier.”

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In recognition of “A Day Without Women,” the prankster running the account tweeted:

Univision News journalist Carime Hernandez was all too ready to accept this as truth. She later deleted not just the tweet, but her entire Twitter account when she realized her mistake. But not before the fake Sean Spicer took a screenshot of it and tweeted:

Liberals, Democrats and the press are all too ready to accept the worst and deny the good coming from the president.

As conservative author and columnist Monica Crowley told Fox News host Sean Hannity Tuesday, “We are in a very dangerous moment … [and] I hope to God that he is strong enough to withstand this.”



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