Punked! Offended feminists gathered to protest THIS billboard, found it changed to something way worse!

Feminist Molly Grace is protesting a ‘sexist’ billboard while remaining mum about female genital mutilation, gang rapes and stonings in Muslim countries.

Feminists who were outraged by a “sexist” billboard got trolled again. Bless their hearts.

Molly Grace and her comrades were furious last month when a billboard on a North Carolina highway declared: “Real men provide. Real women appreciate.”

Grace and other angry feminists protested, saying the ad reinforced gender stereotypes.

The controversial billboard was then taken down and replaced this week by another one that jabbed at protesters for “making much ado about nothing.”

The new 39-word billboard read: “Much Ado About Nothing. A social experiment that brought forth those so immersed in their own insecurity that in the mirror they could only see an angry victim of their incorrect interpretation of a silly billboard — Bless their hearts.”

It’s unclear who purchased either of the billboards, as the individual(s) did not want to be identified. But Molly Grace said the new billboard is “mean” and insulting.

“What they’ve done just seems childish and petulant,” Grace whined to the Winston-Salem Journal. “I can’t believe they spent more money to continue to name-call and be mean.”

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Besides, Grace said the sign is way too wordy. “Who’s going to have to time to read that when they’re zooming along?” she asked.

Molly and her feminist comrades promised they will continue to fight sexism, to make the world better for everyone.

“Sexism has existed and is still existing around us every day, whether that billboard is there or not,” Grace said. “Mark my words: We’ll be here long after that billboard is gone, trying to make a better world for us all.”

Twitter LOL’ed at the absurd outrage over a silly billboard.



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