Two top Dems become the stone-cold face of Party as they sit out moving tribute to fallen SEAL

**This post has been updated to show that Ellison and Schultz did stand for a brief moment when Owens was introduced. 

A pair of dour top Democrats sat on their hands throughout President Donald Trump’s first State Of The Union speech and while that may not be surprising, what was worse is that they didn’t even perk up or applaud when the president praised the service of a fallen Navy SEAL and introduced his widow.

When President Trump paid tribute to fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens and introduced his wife, Carryn Owens, this should have been something on which both Democrats and Republicans could find common ground.

But as Trump spoke, former Democrat National Committee chair and sitting Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congressman and newly minted deputy chair of the DNC Keith Ellison were seen siting with sourpuss faces and refusing to applaud while most others — including many Democrats — were clapping.

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Most in the chamber were grateful for our fallen SEAL’s service. Indeed the crowd reacted for two minutes and eleven seconds in sustained applause. But not Schultz and Ellison. They sat stone faced and unmoved over the loss of an American hero…

According to Independent Journal Review’s Chief Content Officer Benny Johnson, neither Ellison nor Schultz stood or clapped for the Navy SEAL.

One would think that this isn’t the image the rapidly dwindling Democrat Party would want to show American voters. But at least for a night, they became the face of a defiant party as they refused to clap for a fallen American hero.

*Update: Later, Johnson clarified his first tweet to state the duo stood for Owen’s introduction, but remained seated during the rest of the prolonged, emotional tribute. White House video shows the two standing around the 49.00 min. mark during the intro.

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Unsurprisingly, Twitter erupted in condemnation.


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